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How will this course help me?

Today’s organisations face the constant need to evolve and adapt, meet an ever-increasing client sophistication, and meaningfully manage the complexity and volume of data. In a competitive world where you need to be fast-paced to survive, leaders are under pressure to deliver value: to be innovative, visionary and demonstrate the right behaviours to move their organisation forward. We believe that that future is Leader as Coach.

The Henka Certificate™ and  Henka Diploma™ are courses accredited by the International Coach Federation (ICF) and combined will offer 60 hours of coach accredited training which is a requirement to become an Associate Certified Coach (ACC) with the ICF.  The courses will equip you with the core skills required to confidently and effectively engage with individuals and teams to be able to guide transformation in an environment supported by experts in both transformation and organisational coaching. It will also help you decide if you wish to progress to the Master level and become a Certified Professional Henka Master™.

Leadership Training

For Managers, Executives, & Other Employees

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Most employees become managers due to their individual skills and accomplishments, not because they have management skills. Investing in leadership training for managers not only helps them achieve business objectives, it can also lower employee turnover, since studies show that ineffective managers are among the top reasons employees resign.

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Covid-19 and business approaches require executives, even the most senior, to take some time to refresh their leadership skills in order for them to be the most effective leaders possible. This is particularly important because, as their seniority increases, executives are often less likely to receive candid feedback on their leadership performance.

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Early career professionals often miss nuances in company operations and in understanding others’ roles and responsibilities. They might be overwhelmed and hold back from asking questions or making suggestions. They often lack self-awareness when it comes to their professional image, which impacts their presence. We help them to develop confidence so they are perceived as polished in the eyes of their peers, managers, and clients, and can be productive and valued team members.

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The Henka Institute™ Diploma course has been one of the most powerful experiences I have been a part of. To be able to learn and engage in deep and meaningful conversation around coaching for successful transformation and leadership with other industry leaders has been amazing.

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By the time you complete the course, you will have the coaching competence and confidence to share and use your knowledge as a transformation expert and qualified coach. For me personally this was an amazing journey which helped me also grow (and transform) as a person.



My Henka accreditation has comprehensively developed my natural coaching and mentoring skills to help me build a framework around my years of coaching and building teams. It has added significant value to my developing coaching and mentoring profession.

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