Mentor Coaching with

The Henka Institute™

Are you looking to get ICF credentialing as either and ACC or PCC with the International Coach Federation (ICF)? The Henka Institute™  offer a 10-hour CCE accredited programme which fully satisfies the ICF requirements for mentor coaching, whether you are preparing for ACC or PCC accreditation or ACC, PCC renewal.


Who Is It For?


  • ACC or PCC Application: If you are preparing to apply for ACC or PCC credentialing via the ICF ACSTH or ACC Portfolio path, this programme satisfies your Mentor Coaching requirements.

  • ACC, PCC Renewal: This programme will provide you with the 10 hours of mentoring needed, whether you prefer Group/Individual or the Personal paths.


Programme Structure

A Group Mentor Coaching Session of 7 hours

The day will focus on one or more specific Core Competencies and will be run via our Zoom platform. The day will consist of triad coaching sessions, each followed by a 10-minute debriefing consisting of mentor feedback and shared learning input from participants.

3 one-on-one Mentor Coaching Sessions: 1 hour each.

In these sessions a 20 minute coaching session is listened to together.  The 20 minute coaching review can be based on a pre-recorded coaching sessions (in MP3 format) or you can bring a volunteer or invite another member of the group to the call as coachee.

The combination of the Group and One-On-One sessions fulfill the 10 hours of coach mentoring required for ICF credential application or renewal. 


Programme Deliverables

  • Gain a comprehensive understanding of the ICF Core Competencies and how to apply them in your own unique coaching process.

  • Identify and reinforce your own strengths and talents as a Coach.

  • Acquire insights and gain feedback on the session transcripts you will submit as part of your ICF ACC or PCC credentialing application.

  • Preparation for the ICF Coach Knowledge Assessment (CKA) exam required for ACC / PCC credentialing.

  • Coach Continuing Education credits (CCE) for hours completed up to a maximum of 10 CCEs.


Getting Started

You need to register at least 4 weeks in advance of your preferred programme track. When you register, you will send us a brief (500 words or less) statement defining your professional needs and desired outcome, and let us know the group session track you wish to attend.

Please note this is on a first-come first-served basis. Groups will be limited to 6 participants.

We'll send you back your Mentor Coaching Agreement confirming your session track along with the terms of the Agreement and payment information. You can schedule your three one-hour individual training sessions with us once we’ve published available dates and times.

Your group and individual ICF mentoring sessions will take place on-line via our virtual Zoom classroom in real time. We suggest you open your own account (it's free) with



  • 2020 Group Mentor Coaching Tracks:

  • Mentor Coaching 7 hours: Monday 19 October 2020 10-1800 CET/9-1700 GMT



ICF Credentialing Applicants, Renewals, and Professionals:

  • Full 10 hours Individual Mentor Coaching programme: EUR 2,500

  • Group Mentor Coaching programme - 10 hours: EUR 1,500