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The Henka Institute is passionate about bringing awareness to the power of coaching in organisations and how this can positively impact corporate transformation and doing our part to create sustainable performance. Members of the Henka Institute and its faculty represent the very best in organisational coaching skills.

Become part of an amazing opportunity to change corporations forever

  • Henka Member

    Every year
    Coaches wanting X Y Z and Q
    Valid for 2 years
    • Part of the Henka Business Community
    • Connection with other members of the Henka Community
    • Access to thought leadership
    • Access to free CCE's each year
  • Henka Fellow

    Every year
    For those that want to deliver and create content
    Valid for 2 years
    • All benefits of Henka Community package
    • Access to uncertified Henka Content
    • Collaboration space to co-create content; generate income
    • Opportunity to be part of the Henka Faculty
  • Henka Partner

    For those with long term belief in the Henka Philosophy subj
    Valid for 2 years
    • Same package as Henka Creator
    • Licence to sell and deliver certified products upon approval
    • Generate Revenue Share through licence
    • Small Equity Stake for duration of membership
  • Henka Enterprise

    Every month
    For organisations who want to their leaders to be coaches
    • Henka Community
    • Training of internal ambassadors and delivery staff
    • Access to certified content licensed to deploy internally
    • Access to certified content licensed to deploy externally
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