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The Henka Certificate™



Programme Overview

The Henka Certificate™ is a 2-day training programme and is the starting point for organisations seeking to develop individuals to be able to support their ongoing transformation process. It also enables individuals to develop their coaching skills both at a personal level and for deployment inside organisations. 

The course is highly experiential and will give you the opportunity to be coached, to coach and understand why organisational health is critical to the transformation process.

This programme will be delivered in English and has been designed to be delivered face-to-face or on a virtual platform approved by the International Coach Federation (ICF).


Why Henka Institute™?

The Henka Institute™ faculty are:

  • Highly experienced global experts used to working with corporate transformation at a global level

  • Fully qualified coaches

  • Former senior corporate leaders

  • The Henka Institute™ has the sole purpose of enabling positive corporate cultures and therefore successful transformation and growth

What's Involved?

Over two experiential days, you will learn the tools, techniques, and methodologies to be able to understand, practice and deploy coaching skills and transformation know-how.

You will receive expert input from an experienced Executive Coach and feedback from your Henka™ group as you practice. You will also be expected to complete reading/listening or viewing of additional support materials.

Who is This Course For?

Organisations who would like to:

  • Develop individuals to learn about coaching and transformation

  • Develop existing skills in their workforce

  • Improve the leadership capabilities of their human capital

  • Help people understand what makes transformation successful

  • Create embedded culture carriers

  • Increase an individual’s efficiency or ability to motivate others

  • Grow and transform their business

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Individuals who want to:


  • Develop their personal skillset and marketability

  • Improve their personal brand

  • Develop their skills whilst in an employment transition

  • Become a leader who embraces the latest thought leadership and thinking

  • Become a coach or add coaching and transformation to their own business

Applicants for the Henka Certificate™ must have at least 5 years of work experience. Applicants found to provide inaccurate or fraudulent information will be subject to denial and/or revocation.

Faculty & Accreditation

The Henka Faculty™ consists of coaches who not only have experience with organisational transformation and coaching but have also operated at the executive level inside corporates. The faculty has been chosen from among the best in the world for their abilities to combine their understanding of organisations, humans and what it takes to successfully enable transformation.


The Henka Certificate™ provides you with 16 hours towards the 60 hours required to apply for International Coach Federation (ICF) accreditation at the Associate Certified Coach (ACC) level. When combined with our Henka Diploma™, Mentor Coaching and Examination, this will provide an ICF level 1 Certificate.

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