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The Henka Model™ -
How to achieve sustainable performance

The Japanese word for change & transformation is Henka (化変); and the Henka Institute offers a leadership coaching program specifically developed to support the sustainable growth of leaders and companies in an increasingly volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous business environment where there is a fundamental shift from command-control hierarchies, to companies promoting a bright future with a new cultivate & collaborate philosophy. 

Core to The Henka Model™ is sustainable transformation and growth through the application of a coaching leadership philosophy that is collaborative, inspiring, empathetic, supportive, and yes, rarely directive.

The Henka Institute™, we focus on coaching leaders to become top performers who influence teams and go on to influence organisational success. This is underpinned by the Five HenkaQs™ that support leaders to develop the courage to consciously recognise when, where, how, and with whom to tap into each of their Five HenkaQs™ for healthy, collaborative, and transformational growth – and in the process deliver winning experiences for employees and stakeholders.

Henka Institute QModel.png

HeadQ – Open and Energising - This is all about being in a positive headspace/energy and suspending judgment, co-creating a path forward with others, supporting others in making trade-offs, and recognising cognitive biases and heuristics in self and others.

HeartQ – Empathy and Connection- This is all about creating a climate of trust and connection, through listening, asking vs. telling, and getting furiously curious for and with others. It’s about seeing things from multiple perspectives, fostering inclusion, and inviting others’ participation. People feel seen and heard.

HungerQ – Purpose, Passion, and Belief - This is all about healthy emotional self-regulation (i.e., passion), having a clear sense of purpose, believing in others, being acutely aware of one’s and others’ strengths, persistently keeping the big picture in mind, and mindfully managing your energy, not merely your time. 

HumanSpiritQ – Culture and Identity - This is all about having a deep respect for the human spirit, making values-driven decisions, having the courage and resilience to balance getting things done with developing people, and demonstrating compassion and wisdom.

HenkaQ - Bringing all the HenkaQs together, this is about having a deep desire to be furiously curious, or passionately having the courage to ask questions for which you do not have the answer. Whatever comes up is used to support others in finding and executing their solutions in alignment with purpose. This includes belief in developing autonomy and creating a safe space at the deepest level possible and connecting with the human being. This means holding off on judging or rejecting. Rather it involves a willingness to be influenced in the pursuit of mastery for self and others. 
Once synergy develops between all the interlocking and interfacing circles, the center becomes both enriched and ready to spring forth outwardly again with its gifts. This is where Leader as Coach both nourishes and is nourished, and the quantum dynamics of the
Henka Model ™ can take effect. As is seen in the outer perimeter of the diagram, this dynamic radiates outward creating winning experiences for all key stakeholders. Notice how they feed back into each other and how all parts relate to the whole in this holistic model. HenkaQ is all about leveraging the quantum power of a Leader as Coach to support transformation sustainably in self, then in teams, and then into organisations.

Henka™ was not invented in a day, a week, or a year; it evolved. Henka™ is not static: it continues to evolve through the contribution of some incredible coaches, business minds, and the Henkees™ (those trained in the methodology and who continually contribute to its meaning and evolution). And it is this openness to growth and interplay which infuses Henka with its invigorating power.

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