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Steve HAMILTON-CLARK - Chief Coaching Officer



Steve’s successful CEO as Coach track record is because early on he leveraged the power of coaching to enable his teams to ‘step up’ to their full potential and deliver constant business growth; and growth is fun! Today, Steve coaches high performance leaders to go that extra mile to deliver winning experiences; for themselves, their teams, and their clients. 


Described as resourceful, supportive and transformational, Steve’s style is like that of an insightful and skillful guide. He guides clients on how to step back, see the bigger picture and their role in it, challenges their belief systems, and encourages the adoption of new leadership behaviours to navigate their environment towards healthy, collaborative growth. 

Steve is a certified coach through the International Coach Federation (PCC) and the Coaches Training Institute (CPCC), a Conversational Intelligence® Coach, a Coach to the United Nations Humanitarian Coaching Network, and has a B. Comm. in Marketing & International Business. 

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Rachel Treece is the CEO of fts global and The Henka Institute™. She previously worked at Executive Management level within the global financial services sector and has a vast experience in managing multi-cultural teams for FTSE and Fortune 100 companies. She is a certified PCC and CPCC coach.

Rachel is a thought-leader in personal branding, communication and engagement combining her unique strategic marketing and human resources background. She is an expert who helps business leaders innovate, adapt and communicate in the age of disruption in which massive yet hard-to-predict upheavals are expected. She is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Marketing as well as a certified coach with the Coach Training Institute. She is passionate about improving communication in organisations to strengthen organisational health and engagement #wellbusiness.

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Almudena AMORES



Almudena is a life and executive coach. Before following her intuition and committing to the profession of coaching and leadership development, she worked for more than 16 years on strategic consultancy projects in multinationals and public institutions all over the world.


Her life purpose is to wholeheartedly drive forward the lives and dreams of people, helping them to consciously and authentically realize their full potential. Almudena lives each project like an adventure and puts all her passion, generosity and creativity at the service of developing leaders. She currently lives in Barcelona, Spain.


Lior Locher

ICF Accredited Coach


Lior is a trained coach with over 15 years of experience in Learning and Development and Change Management. She holds degrees in communication and psychology, systemic change, conflict resolution and solution-focused business practice and is a licensed psychotherapist and trained Yoga teacher.

As a trainer and coach, Lior supports leaders,  changemakers and organizations from a range of sectors, focusing strongly on values, purpose and authentic leadership as well as taking insights and experiences into practical application.

Lior regularly speaks at international events as an ambassador for equity, inclusion and diversity. She is the author of two books “The DIY Phoenix: How to drag yourself out of the ashes, mend your wings and start to fly again” and “Values-based: Career and Life Decisions that make Sense”.  Lior is German, speaks fluent English and lives in the UK. She also has a good command of French and Spanish. To refill her cup, Lior enjoys art and crafts and is always learning something new.

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Naomi is an ICF Associate Certified Coach (PCC) & has a Master’s degree from one of the Top 10 Business School’s in Europe. Her professional background is in the corporate world, having been an Executive in Business & Marketing for an International Sports Brand for the first decade of her career.


Today, Naomi delivers Coaching & Leadership Programs as well as actively coaching both private & corporate clients, individuals and teams, across Europe. 

Naomi is considered as someone who is authentic, positive, loyal, brave and fun. Her coaching & training style is direct yet empathetic. Her love of people and her never failing believe in their potential makes her extremely grateful to be able to dedicate her work to guiding, supporting and challenging individuals looking to make the next step along their professional and personal journeys.

Naomi is English but has been living in France for almost 20 years. She also speaks fluent Spanish & a few words of Mandarin.

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Tracy Forsyth is a professionally certified Executive Coach (CPCC, PCC) and Career Consultant. Her focus is on Career Confidence, Fearless Leadership & Executive Resilience.

Described by clients as ‘life & game changing, an empowering force, transformational and revelatory, warm and inspiring’. Working for corporate companies, private individuals and as a strategic and business consultant for founders of SMEs, her motto is to ‘enlighten, empower and enhance’ lives and careers.

Tracy is a specialist in empowering high-potential talent to develop into courageous, confident leaders and to attain clarity and direction in a truly purpose-led career. She believes in an holistic approach, enabling the person to become enlightened about their true self (values, purpose, vision) and then empowered with skills like self-marketing, thought leadership and effective networking. 

As the Director of the renowned Women in Film & TV Mentoring Schemes for Mid-Career Women, Tracy oversees a 6-month annual programme in the UK which enables 40 women across the creative industries to reach greater heights of career and impact.  Having had a successful 25-year career in television, now a board member of various independent production companies in the UK.  


She now sits on the Channel 4 Indie Growth Fund board, advising on company investments then working with founders to grow their companies.

A passionate advocate of the power of good physical and mental wellbeing and its effects on confidence and leadership, she took time to become a professionally qualified Advance Yoga Teacher (500 RYT) and create the innovative and impactful corporate wellbeing workshop ‘Yoga in the Boardroom.’

Anne is a PCC credentialed coach with the ICF and a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach, Wellbeing Workshop Designer and Facilitator. She has broad-ranging commercial experience, leading and coaching teams over 19 years with two global FMCG companies.

Anne Bryant


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Her workshops and coaching provide individuals and teams with the knowledge, tools and coaching to transform their wellbeing and their potential, and give  team leaders the tools to support their people with theirs.
Having lived experience of overcoming chronic health conditions through self-development and coaching, Anne specializes in Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction and is a qualified Wellbeing coach.
She is passionate about Stress Resilience, Wellbeing and reconnecting with yourself and is involved as an Associate Therapist in companies supporting employees with their mental health.
In her work, Anne leverages the latest research of how our brains work, and how we can change our mindset, heart-set and behaviour through conscious awareness, choice and consistent practice..