The Henka Model™

Certified Henka Coaches know how to embrace change and support teams in finding and taking ownership of their solutions to successfully drive forward organisational transformation.


Optimising Performance and Sustainability through Transformation is underpinned by the Four Henka Success Dimensions™ that deliver winning experiences and engagement for employees and clients.

Performance and Sustainability Through Transformation

The Henka Methodology™ gets its name from the Japanese word Henka (変化) meaning change and transformation, and takes its inspiration from the power of emotional intelligence, neuroplasticity and mindfulness.

The Henka Institute™ seeks to optimise performance and sustainability of organisations through our certified coaching programmes. The programmes have been designed to support organisations going through transformation in an increasingly volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous environment. The Henka Institute™ aims to enable the fundamental shift from command-control hierarchies, to organisations adopting a new cultivate-collaborate philosophy.

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