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Transforming Organisations for People, Profit, & Planet

The Henka Institute helps cultivate environments where people thrive, businesses prosper, and our planet flourishes. Through tailored training, coaching, and consultancy services, we champion holistic growth and foster a culture of continuous improvement, driving positive change that benefits individuals, communities, and the world at large.

"Transformation can only really be achieved if it is embedded in organisations through future shapers who use the power of coaching  to unveil new insights, whilst maintaining the core values that make that business unique"

Rachel Treece - CEO

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Putting Heart and Soul
back into Organisations

At the Henka Institute™, we redefine leadership development by empowering tomorrow's leaders with transformative coaching skills.


Our global network of experts and ICF-accredited programmes cultivate a coaching culture that drives sustainable growth and resilience in organisations worldwide.


More than a training company, we are a catalyst for transformation, rooted in the Japanese concept of 'Henka,' meaning change. 


By cultivating collaboration and influence, we empower leaders to tap into their Five HenkaQs™, driving healthy, transformative growth and creating winning experiences for all stakeholders.

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We have helped attract, develop and engage 50% of the top 20 fund asset managers.


โ€‹As of 2024, we operate in 35 countries.


We have assisted 3 out of the big 4 professional services companies attract, develop and engage key talent. 


We have delivered global talent development programmes in 11 key financial services centres simultaneously.


We collaborate with 60% of the top 10 Investment Banks 


โ€‹We have co-created high-impact learning interventions for over 110 clients globally.

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How We Can Partner Together

Trusted by Top Organisations

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What our Clients Say

Having had the pleasure of participating in the Henka Diploma coaching and certification, I have always been super impressed with the quality, expertise, professionalism and mannerism in which these are conducted. The entire Henka team always ensures a safe space where attendees can grow, both professionally and personally, and learn from the true industry-leading experts and professionals on hand as part of this experience.


The quality of both the sessions and materials is second to none, and the entire team who facilitated these sessions could not have been more impressive. I personally could not recommend this programme more, and I have always been blown away by their approach, their humility, their attitude, their expertise and the results and impact seen from their work.

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Pips Bunce 

Director and Head of Investment Banking Technology Strategic Programs, Credit Suisse


Get Started

Let’s give your company what it needs to become more sustainable and successful.

If you would like to discuss how we can help meet your requirements, discuss a business opportunity or find out more about any aspect of our expertise, please contact us.

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Hosted by CEO of The Henka Institute and Executive Coach, Rachel Treece, this podcast is a gateway to in-depth conversations with the industry's most influential figures.


Join us as we explore the exciting and ever-evolving world of business, learning from those who are at the forefront of change and innovation.

From thought-provoking insights to actionable advice, Flex and the City is your source for knowledge and inspiration. Subscribe to stay informed and motivated, and be a part of the transformation in business leadership.


For more information, please contact

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