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We help with the human side of change in organisations

We work with you to manage mergers, acquisitions, digital transformation and all people aspects of significant change. We do this with proven methodologies and coaching that support the change agenda.

It's all about Change & Humans

We all know intrinsically that humans find change difficult. We are naturally designed to resist change because it requires energy and brings uncertainty. Human systems such as organisations amplify this challenge.

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How can we help?

We work with your people to flatten the change curve and help your employees and organisation thrive using a methodology called Henka Group Transformation™.

This proven solution-based methodology uses positive psychology, coaching, and systems expertise to engage your employees (even where there might be a challenging outcome) to support the transformation.

Our Programmes

Discover our diverse range of programmes designed to be seamlessly customised to meet your organisation's unique requirements.

Enabling Change - Henka Group Transformation™

The objective of Henka Group Transformation™ is to increase employee engagement and increase your bottom line. Henka Group Transformation™ achieves this by providing guidance and support in the implementation of specific organisational initiatives and learning interventions using a toolbox of expertise and resources, flexible to your needs. Henka Cultural Transformation™ focuses on four strategic pillars:

It's all about TEAMWORK!

Martyn Cuff is one of the financial services leading transformation experts. Martyn understands the importance of the team, why humans resist, and in the full podcast talks about recognising the different roles that nodes and connectors play in achieving a successful transformation.

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Get Started

Let’s give your company what it needs to become more sustainable and successful.

If you would like to discuss how we can help meet your requirements, discuss a business opportunity or find out more about any aspect of our expertise, please contact us.

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