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Empowering Growth, Inspiring Success

Empowering organisations to thrive in today's challenging environment

Consulting on the Human Aspects of Transformation

At The Henka Institute, we are dedicated to empowering organisations to thrive in today's challenging environment, which is why we are well known for consulting on the human aspects of transformation, including providing strategic HR support. Through innovative strategies and personalised consulting, we help our clients achieve sustainable growth and lasting success.

Our mission is to partner with organisations of all sizes and industries, with a particular focus on financial services, guiding them towards their full potential. We are committed to delivering exceptional value through insightful consulting services, strategic guidance, and actionable solutions.

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How can we help?

The Henka Institute provides expert consulting services tailored to your organisation's
human needs.

Whether you're looking to optimise operations, support your HR team with strategic guidance, drive revenue growth, or enhance efficiency, our team of seasoned professionals offers practical consulting solutions to help you achieve your goals swiftly and effectively; through engaging and aligning with your employees and positively changing behaviours that drive towards your goals. 

Our Offerings

Discover our diverse range of offerings designed to be seamlessly customised to meet your organisation's unique requirements.


We redefine career transitions through coaching and strategic guidance. In a world of constant change, we empathetically assist individuals in navigating workforce transitions, understanding their profound impacts on individuals and company culture. Henka Outplacement empowers individuals to embrace change and embark on new professional journeys confidently. Our unique approach integrates coaching techniques into the outplacement process, recognising each career path's uniqueness. Through personalised coaching, we address practical and emotional aspects of transition, guiding individuals to discover opportunities aligned with their strengths and aspirations. Our skilled coaches provide a safe space for employees to explore their potential, fostering resilience and facilitating unexpected career paths.

The critical importance of Vision and Purpose

Lee Godfrey of Intertrust is a respected leader in the financial services industry. Lee talks about the importance of vision and purpose, as well as holacracy!

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Get Started

Let’s give your company what it needs to become more sustainable and successful.

If you would like to discuss how we can help meet your requirements, discuss a business opportunity or find out more about any aspect of our expertise, please contact us.

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