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Combining the expertise of industry professionals with immersive scenarios facilitated by seasoned coaches.

Programme Overview

At The Henka Institute, we pride ourselves on delivering cutting-edge coaching solutions tailored to the unique needs of your organisation. Our innovative approach, Reality Coaching™, combines the expertise of industry professionals with immersive scenarios facilitated by seasoned coaches. Whether you're aiming to refine sales strategies, elevate customer service standards, or nurture leadership skills, Reality Coaching™ offers a transformative learning experience designed to drive tangible results.

What is Reality Coaching™?

Reality Coaching™ is a pioneering methodology that replicates real-world scenarios within your organisation, providing participants with hands-on experience and actionable insights. We collaborate with industry experts or the sponsors in your organisation to create bespoke scenarios that mirror the challenges and opportunities that either your team encounters daily or may be planning for, such as a sales pitch or discussion with a regulator. This ensures maximum relevance and impact, which can be applied to the chosen scenario.

How Does Reality Coaching™ Work?

1. Scenario Design: Our team works closely with you to identify key areas for development, possibly include traps and test objection handling, and craft tailored scenarios that reflect real-life situations. Whether it's navigating complex sales negotiations, resolving customer conflicts, honing leadership abilities, preparing for a difficult discussion or a sales pitch, our scenarios are meticulously designed to meet your objectives.

2. Industry Experts: Skilled professionals with extensive industry experience step into various roles within the scenario, bringing authenticity and depth to the interaction. Their expertise adds credibility and insight, enhancing the learning experience for participants.

3. Objective Feedback: Our experienced coaches observe the scenario closely, providing objective feedback and guidance in real-time. They offer valuable insights, identify strengths and areas for improvement, and facilitate constructive reflection among participants.

4. Skill Integration: Through repeated practice and refinement, participants gain confidence and proficiency in handling diverse situations effectively. Our coaches provide ongoing support and resources to reinforce learning and ensure sustainable skill development.

Example: AML/KYC Training for Third-Party Fund Administrators

Recently, we conducted a Reality Coaching™ programme tailored for AML/KYC teams at a third-party fund administrator. In this scenario, industry experts assumed the role of a large institutional client who was confused and frustrated by some of the company’s requests. The participants, immersed in a simulated environment, navigated intricate and sensitive AML/KYC conversations , addressing compliance issues, obtaining buy-in from the client and thus mitigating their regulatory risks under the guidance of our experienced coaches.


Why Choose RealityCoaching™?

Practical Learning: By immersing participants in lifelike scenarios facilitated by industry experts, Reality Coaching™ accelerates learning and fosters skill mastery in a realistic setting, but safe space.

Tailored Solutions: We understand that every organisation has unique challenges. Our bespoke approach ensures that our solutions are aligned with your specific objectives, delivering measurable results.

Engagement and Motivation: Reality Coaching™ captivates participants by making learning interactive, relevant, and enjoyable, leading to increased engagement and motivation.

Lasting Impact: The insights gained through Reality Coaching™ translate directly into improved performance and enhanced productivity. Participants emerge equipped with practical strategies and renewed confidence to excel in their roles.

Whether you're aiming to enhance sales effectiveness, elevate customer service standards, or cultivate leadership excellence, The Henka Institute's Reality Coaching™ offers a transformative learning experience tailored to your organisation's needs. Contact us today to discover how Reality Coaching™ can empower your team to thrive in today's competitive landscape.


Discover the essence of our programmes, where interactivity takes centre stage. Each programme is meticulously crafted to offer a dynamic blend of self-guided learning, introspective moments, and unwavering support from our dedicated facilitators. With a harmonious fusion of individual exploration and engaging group workshops, we pave the way for your transformative journey.

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