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Getting quick impact to transform teams and businesses

Welcome to LeaderGap™

LeaderGap™, was created because, at The Henka Institute we understand the profound impact that exceptional leadership can have on organisations navigating through challenging times. Founded with a vision to bridge the gap between organisations and compassionate, empathetic leaders, LeaderGap™ offers a unique solution for businesses seeking to thrive in an ever-evolving landscape.

Our Mission

Our mission with LeaderGap™ is simple yet profound: to empower organisations with leaders who lead with heart. We believe that true leadership goes beyond just achieving bottom-line results; it's about fostering environments where individuals feel valued, supported, and inspired to reach their full potential. By connecting organisations with leaders who embody these principles, we strive to drive positive change and create lasting impact.

What Sets Us Apart

At The Henka Institute and with LeaderGap™, we take pride in our rigorous vetting process, ensuring that the leaders we provide not only possess the requisite skills and experience but also align with the values and ethos of our partner organisations. We handpick leaders who demonstrate empathy, integrity, and resilience – individuals who are committed to guiding their teams with compassion and courage through times of uncertainty.

Join Us

Whether you're a business in need of compassionate leadership or a seasoned leader looking to make a difference, we invite you to join us on this journey. Together, let's build a brighter future – one where leadership is defined by kindness, courage, and a steadfast commitment to the well-being of all.

Welcome to LeaderGap™ – where leaders lead with heart.



Discover the essence of our programmes, where interactivity takes centre stage. Each programme is meticulously crafted to offer a dynamic blend of self-guided learning, introspective moments, and unwavering support from our dedicated facilitators. With a harmonious fusion of individual exploration and engaging group workshops, we pave the way for your transformative journey.

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