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Sales Mastery with FinSell™

Customised and holistic sales development programme designed specially for Sales and CRM teams

Programme Overview

The FinSell™ concept is a customised and holistic sales development programme developed specifically for the financial and professional services sectors.

It includes an insight-led sales methodology and features a unique simulation element called RealityCoaching™.

It allows organisations to assess but also develop their people at the same time with long lasting impact.

The Outcomes


Develop a consistent sales style across your teams and


Individual and immediate action plans for development
following video-re-corded sales performance and feedback
from industry experts.


Support team members with ongoing development
initiatives which focus only on the areas needed.


How it Works

RealityCoaching™ individual sessions to be conducted. Immediate feedback by coach (objecti
RealityCoaching™ individual sessions to be conducted. Immediate feedback by coach (objecti

Defining the Sales Culture

Sales Leaders define the behaviour of the sales teams based on organisational values. Clear and consistent messages ensure that every member of the sales team understands and complies with the defined behaviours. An aligned internal sales culture will motivate your team to better work together. In turn, this reflects professionalism externally towards your clients and customers.

The Sales Styles

Sales Leaders define the sales style. This includes defining the necessary competencies and skills needed as well as the sales approach. The way an organisation sells to their customers needs to be consistent across locations and regions. However, a cultural adaptation needs to be considered in specific regions. An insight-led selling approach has been proven to be the most successful style with complex financial and professional services products.


Goals need to be clear and achievable for sales teams. Combined sales team goals as well as individual goals need to be clearly defined and transparent. Setting stretch goals, encouraging team members to leave their comfort zone and rewarding and recognising achievements are the foundation of a winning sales culture.

Roles & Responsibilities

Clear roles and responsibilities ensure that the team is well-structured and every member understands their contribution to organisational success.

Creating Trust

Create a high-trust culture to ensure your sales team feels a sense of belonging. Trust builders need to be implemented at each level of the sales team, including giving credit, listening, setting clear goals and following through. As a Sales Leader, being a role model for other team members is an important part of creating the trust needed to out-perform the competition.



Discover the essence of our programmes, where interactivity takes centre stage. Each programme is meticulously crafted to offer a dynamic blend of self-guided learning, introspective moments, and unwavering support from our dedicated facilitators. With a harmonious fusion of individual exploration and engaging group workshops, we pave the way for your transformative journey.

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