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Group Transformation

Henka Group Transformation™

Increasing employee engagement & your bottom line

Programme Overview

The objective of Henka Group Transformation™ is to increase employee engagement and increase your bottom line. Henka Group Transformation™ achieves this by providing guidance and support in the implementation of specific organisational initiatives and learning interventions using a toolbox of expertise and resources, flexible to your needs. Henka Cultural Transformation™ focuses on four strategic pillars:



A strong leadership team that is responsible for developing trust, communication, culture



Enhanced & collaborative communication across teams and departments for knowledge sharing and innovation.



Innovative, agile and customer-centric culture for growth and sustainability.



Purpose is the company «why» which is a critical part of engagement.

The Process

Step 1:

Create buy-in at Leadership level for your transformation:

  • Build a shared vision with the team

  • Surface any concerns or barriers that may hinder the smooth transition to a larger, more corporate, better structured, yet still agile, organisation

Step 2:

Run energetic feedback sessions with teams on communication and culture to collect input and create buy-in using The Henka™ Method for Transformation:

  • Involve the team in feeling they are empowered and have a voice

  • Surface any concerns or barriers that may hinder the smooth transition to a larger, more corporate, better structured, yet still agile, organisation

  • Develop creative ideas on how to potentially address and

  • Feedback consolidated

Step 3:

Leadership feedback and strategy session:

  • Review feedback from communication and feedback workshops

  • Assess current reality, feedback on actions, including quick wins and discuss different options

  • Develop a way forward – Create your strategy

Step 4:

Implementation followed by measurement


The Henka Method for Group Transformation™

The Henka Method for Group Transformation.png

Create a Safe Space 
Design the Alliance for the session, for the individual, group, or team. This could be done by a trust-building exercise which allows the group to experience what it is to co-create a way forward.

Define the clear topic of discussion
The facilitator defines an emotionally neutral topic for the group.

What's great about the named topic that the company should do more of? 
Positive psychology plays an important role here and keeps the momentum going. (Powerful Questions, Listening, Curiosity, Challenge, Playback, Suspending Judgement, Being Present)

Rating the topic on a scale from 1-10 
Everyone gets the feeling of being heard. (The rating can be done anonymously) 

Averaging the Score

Incremental Changes to improve 
(What does it take to move from a 7 to 7.5 for example?) These are changes that you can influence so called, quick fixes. (Powerful Questions, Listening, Curiosity, Challenge, Playback, Suspending Judgement - Be Present)

Challenge & Stretch Introduce the question: What does it take to move from a 7 to a 9? - Implement skills as above but with an emphasis on Challenge and Stretch. This requires blue sky thinking, anything is possible!

Commitment and Accountability
This is where the individual acknowledges their key takeaways and actions and their agreement on how they will maintain accountability


Discover the essence of our programmes, where interactivity takes centre stage. Each programme is meticulously crafted to offer a dynamic blend of self-guided learning, introspective moments, and unwavering support from our dedicated facilitators. With a harmonious fusion of individual exploration and engaging group workshops, we pave the way for your transformative journey.

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