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Leader as Coach™

The journey to transform teams and businesses

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Programme Overview

Every leader knows that change is needed, but to transform in a way that eliminates bureaucracy and enables others, we must discover new ways of working that prioritize autonomy, agility, and impact.


Management is simple… Leadership is complex.

Some of the most salient concerns facing Leaders today are:

  • Demotivated and unengaged team members;

  • Teams lacking accountability and ownership;

  • Inability to communicate effectively as a team;

  • Dealing with conflict;

  • Fragmented corporate culture;

  • Biases in the workplace;

  • Managing a hybrid workplace;

  • Inability to capitalise on the team’s potential. Misalignment and an unclear vision; Developing, retaining and attracting talent.

Through years of experience, we have analysed why these problems occur and how to overcome them. It was within these years of analysis that the Henka philosophy was born.

This is how the 40-hour journey to become a Leader as Coach can transform Teams and Businesses: 


  • We help leaders and teams create an inspiring, safe, and inclusive environment that unlocks a whole new level of performance. 

  • We show you how you can enable others, through coaching, to create autonomous, self-sufficient teams: creating a culture of growth. 

  • We change mindsets: from Managing People and Teams to Leading people with a common purpose and shared vision. 

  • We fully equip you with the coaching skills necessary to unleash the full potential of your teams and create the leaders of the future.


Road Map


(8 modules of 3 hours each)

Module 1

Module 2

Module 3

Module 4

Module 5

Module 6

Module 7

Module 8


The programme follows a rhythm of synchronous and a-synchronous learning.


(4 hours)

1 hour​

1 hour​

1 hour​

1 hour​


The 3-hour virtual Workshops are combined with 4 hours of journaling and reading.

Directed Pod

(2 X 2 hours)


Learning is embedded by structured Facilitated and Self-Managed Coaching Groups of 2 hours each (12 hours).

DP 1

Mod. 1

Self-Directed Pod

(4 X 2 hours)


This process ensures that Coaching Skills are mentored, practiced and opportunity given for Peer Review.


Mod. 2


Mod. 3


Mod. 5


Mod. 6


Mod. 7


(1 hour)

Written Exam


41 hours

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The Programme is completed once the one-hour written Exam is completed. Modules are delivered taking the Client population availability into consideration. The full programme can be delivered between 7–14 weeks, with either weekly or bi-weekly face-to-face delivery.

Module 1: Being Human & Leading Humans

  • Enhanced self-awareness;

  • Understand your role in creating the right culture;

  • Understand the climate you are creating.


Module 2: Engaging & Motivating Others


  • Understand Persuading and Influencing;

  • Understand what drives engagement;

  • Understand human emotional needs.


Module 3: Communication & Connection

  • Asking Powerful Questions;

  • Create a collaborative culture;

  • Deep listening with intent.


Module 4: Dynamic Feedback

  • Drive performance & motivate change;

  • Overcome obstacles to effective feedback;

  • Gain a more in-depth understanding of client and stakeholder needs.


Module 5: Harnessing the Collective

  • Utilising different perspectives;

  • Create organic opportunities for innovation;

  • Empowering initiative and ownership.

Module 6: Coaching Skills

  • Lead with empathy;

  • Create psychologically safe environments;

  • Create a climate for growth and development.

Module 7: Great Leadership, including Inclusive Leadership

  • Become a great and inclusive leader;

  • Confront both conscious & unconscious biases;

  • Build bridges: team cultural retrospectives.

Module 8: Leader as Coach

  • Lead through connection, cultivation, and collaboration;

  • Pulling all parts of the journey together holistically;

  • Enable people to unleash their potential.



A critical component of the programme is to facilitate internalisation. Leading with authenticity can only be accomplished through self-awareness and reflection.

The combination between face-to-face learning and self-study is supported by facilitating communication channels. Slack is used to facilitate cross-cohort conversation, and email is used to exchange learner input.

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