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FLEX AND THE CITY Episode 10: The way of the Warrior is the Resolute Acceptance of Death w/ Serge K.

Rachel Treece is an Executive and Leadership Coach, and a training expert. She is passionate about learning and making financial services better through sustainable transformation and engagement. She is CEO of fts global and WELLBUSINESS™ as well as the founder of The Henka Institute™, and interviews leaders from all over the world on #FlexAndTheCity from her base in Luxembourg.

Flex And The City is about celebrating leadership in Financial Services and allowing future leaders in the industry to learn from those that inspire them or display behaviors that they admire.

This week’s podcast celebrates Serge Krancenblum, Group Executive Chairman of IQ-EQ whose focused, disciplined but most of all human leadership style is especially important in times like we are experiencing now.

We loved hearing about the brave decisions Serge has taken in his career, the importance of EQ, as well as IQ (hence the rebrand), and critically why « the way of the warrior is the resolute acceptance of death ».   Thank you for taking the time to share, the time to show up and the time to shine!

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