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FLEX AND THE CITY Episode 15 Financial Services Through the Lens of a Spacegeek with James Gatoff

Rachel Treece is an Executive and Leadership Coach, and a training expert. She is passionate about learning and making financial services better through sustainable transformation and engagement. She is CEO of fts global and WELLBUSINESS™ and interviews leaders from all over the world on Flex and the City from her base in Luxembourg.

Visionary, unruffled, passionate and wise are words that I would use to describe James Gatoff.

A reminder that Flex and the City is not about a discourse into financial services, rather for the community to learn what makes Leaders in the industry great and how, with more powerful Leadership the industry, there will be greater impact in this world.

James effuses positive energy and his love of space - a magnificent vantage point from which we can see our real significance and what legacy needs to be.

Listen to this podcast with curiosity and of course James would love to hear your thoughts and comments on the podcast, the sign of a great marketeer!!

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