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FLEX AND THE CITY Episode 19: Why Passion and Purpose are part of the Revolution

Rachel Treece is an Executive and Leadership Coach, and a training expert. She is passionate about learning and making financial services better through sustainable transformation and engagement. She is CEO of fts global and WELLBUSINESS™ as well as the founder of The Henka Institute™, and interviews leaders from all over the world on #FlexAndTheCity from her base in Luxembourg.

This week on Flex and the City we get a chance to speak to Steve Bernat of ONE group solutions. We think Steve has incredible energy of positivity, authentic nature, charisma, and legacy. His passion to leave a positive legacy in the financial services industry is clear and he reminds us why titles are less important than harnassing the collective.

He also shares with us why Passion and Purpose are part of the Revolution. We would love to know what words you would use to describe Steve and his Leadership style? Let us know in your comments below.

A reminder that Flex and the City is not about a discourse into financial services, rather for the community to learn what makes Leaders in the industry great and how, with more powerful Leadership in the industry, there will be a greater impact in this world.

Tune in to find out what financial services can learn from Steve and the passion he brings to the industry.

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