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Creating Magic as a Leader

Updated: Jan 17, 2022

It's a kind of magic It's a kind of magic A kind of magic (No way) One dream, one soul One prize, one goal One golden glance of what should be It's a kind of magic

“A kind of Magic” was written by Queen’s Drummer, Roger Taylor for the film Highlander and featured on the Album with the same name in 1986.

I love this song and listening to it awoken some emotions in me of the Power of Leadership – do we, as Leaders, wave the wand to instill magic in our businesses and in the individuals and teams? How wisely are we using this wand (if we even acknowledge the power we have in our hands).

I am often asked in my Executive Coaching sessions whether it is at all possible to bring out the magic in people and what does this look like?

Who better to talk about Magic than the retired Executive VP of Walt Disney World, Lee Cockerell. In his book, “Creating Magic” the main message explains so aptly how to create the right environment in which everyone wishes to work, and which attracts people (both employees and customers) in a magical way.

Cockerell emphasises the important difference between being a manager who tells people what to do and being a Leader who asks and listens. It is indeed my experience that great business leaders foster an “inclusive” environment in which everyone (irrespective of their role or position in the overall hierarchy) counts and an environment in which everyone is provided with the opportunity to learn (and learning is an ever-evolving process). A true Leader respects, coaches and stimulates…the magic…creating a stage where people can, without fear or restrictions and in a safe environment, voice their opinions and be given the opportunity to be creative. And the magic it creates is infectious. Cockerell’s business formula : “Committed, responsible and inspiring leaders create a culture of care”.

It takes a bold leader to create this environment and a bold leader to inspire people to become bolder. Bold leaders “push” and “pull” to find ways to inspire and motivate others.

When we coach Executives and Senior Leaders to Lead as a Coach the “Self as a Leader” becomes critical. A Leader cannot create magic without a wand and the wand is the Power of Self-Awareness. You cannot Lead if you are not prepared to “Go there Yourself”; You cannot Lead an inclusive environment if you don’t have insight, if you cannot Trust or be Respectful.

The Kind of Magic in Queen’s Song (creating one dream, one purpose), the Kind of Magic created by a Leader that drives high performance teams are all vested in Inclusion. Everyone counts.

Creating Magic is infectious, it is driven by the Leader and emulated by all those influenced by it…the result: Everyone in the Business starts to take ownership of creating the right environment. YOU as the Leader is the one that everyone are counting on to be a great leadership environmentalist.

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